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Pass Box

Product Features

Pass box is mainly used to separate the air flow into the clean room when pass the material, as far as possible to reduce the dust in case of polluting the environmental. It is installed between the clean room and unclean room, which as the buffer of clean area. This facility is widely used in semiconductor, LCD, photoelectric electron, precision instrument, chemistry, biology medicine, hospital, food and all other places where needing cleaning air.

●It has interlock function, make sure the both sides door can not open at the same time. Therefore, it can avoid the air of unclean polluting the clean environment.
●It has promoting function and there is a light and buzzer on both sides. When pass the material, it can prompt the material has passed and use condition.
●It has interphone function, can add interphone as customized.
●Pass box with air shower has shower function, which can purify the dust of material as soon as possible to reduce pollution of environment when pass the material.
●May customize according to user’s specific requirements, such as illumination system, sterilization light, electrostatic eliminator and so on.

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