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Pre-filter Media

Air Inlet Filter

Product Features

This series of filters are designed for seriously polluted general ventilation and the entrance of air control series as pre-filtration or coarse filtration.

SP-20/G2; SP-30/G3; SP-40/G4

It’s processed by high-performance synthetic fiber in gradual technology. Large dust holding capacity and low initial resistance, economical and practical and inlet side and outlet side are different. Conforming to the nonflammability standard and classification of European DIN53438-F1 and the United States UL900-Class2. By adding glue to strengthen the hardness and ensure its dust holding capacity and structure, anti-extrusion. Be workable many times after washing the dust collected.
Temperature resistance: 100℃
Instantaneous temperature: 120℃
Be widely used in pleated and pocket filters

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Technical Parameters

Type Filter Class Average
Velocity (m/s)
Airflow (m³/h)
Resistance (Pa)
Resistance (Pa)
Dust Holding
Capacity (g/㎡)
Thickness(mm) Size
SP-20 G2 75% <20% 2.0 7200 18 150 400 10 1.0*20 M
2.0*20 M
SP-30 G3 86% <20% 1.5 5400 20 250 500 15 1.0*20 M
2.0*20 M
SP-40 G4 91% <20% 1.5 5400 27 250 600 20 1.0*20 M
2.0*20 M

Note: Other specifications are available on request

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