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Furniture manufacturing 

The characteristics of all industrial dusts affect the design of the capture and filtration system. Furniture manufacturing varies according to the process involved, ie the products, tools and operations produced, as well as the type of wood. For example, dust generated during sanding operations is typically particles having a particle size of less than 10 microns, whereas, in contrast, planing produces "rolls" that are up to several inches. The sharpness of the tool affects the cut, while the tearing of the material often produces larger sized particles. Woodworking dust generation from furniture manufacturing requires efficient capture and efficient filtration at the source. A typical dedusting system consists of four parts: a hood that restricts dust at the source, a piping system that transports the captured material, a fan that holds the hood and the pipe, and a filtering device that separates the dust from the exhaust and stores it in the storage container. The design and maintenance of the system must take into account the significant risks of fire and dust explosions under current applications.

Benefits of using SHWFILTER filtration product:

  •  Capture toxic and harmful substances and soot in industrial production exhaust gas, so that it can be discharged after treatment and reduce air pollution.
  •  Ensure the health and safety of workers, plant equipment and business.
  •  Save energy by using energy efficient filters.
  •  Reduce maintenance downtime and increase the reliability of equipment operation.
  •  Comply with professional and environmental regulations.

Principles of purification of furniture manufacturing engineering:

Painted with a paint mist filter-spray-demister-UV photocatalytic-spraying device

In the design process of the purification project, the analysis and understanding of the purification engineering design plan should be strengthened. According to the project, it is a new construction project or an old factory renovation project, and combined with its specific production process, production process and other requirements to determine the cleanliness and temperature required. humidity. According to the specific conditions of the project, we must also take into account the economic affordability of the manufacturer, and comprehensively determine various factors to determine which purification scheme to use. Only then can we design a production and use requirement for Party A, and the project cost is reasonable. Economical and practical solutions.

Furniture manufacturing

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