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Higher Effciency Blower

Product Features

It is mainly suitable for the final air filtration of clear room air-conditioner system. It is installed on the top of the ceiling or T-Grid and used to grade of CLASS100-100K. This facility is widely used in semiconductor, LCD, photoelectric electron, precision instrument, chemistry, biology medicine,hospital, food and all other places where needing cleaning ail.

●It has efficiency of low costs, simple structure, low weight and easy installation
●It has easy enlargement, and can arrangement the amount according to the clear grade
●It has air current diffusion screen and the air stream is distributed regular
●May customized according to users’ specific requirements.customers also can choose different materials or flanges
●Purify efficiency:HEPA≥99.99% (sodium frame method), sub-HEPA≥95% (sodium frame method)
●Primary resistance:HEPA≤235.44pa sub-HEPA≤69pa

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Technical Parameters

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