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Paint Mist/Exhaust Fliter

Bag-Type Paint Mist Filter

Product Features

Bag-type paint mist filter is widely used in spray booth for intercepting high solid, powder paint, water-based paint, multi-component paint, colorant and binder paint residue. It can be used in dry spray booth, paint exhaust gas treatment as pre-filtration for protection and other areas.

With Wrinkled Tsubaki structure, it can absorb ultra-wide over spray effectively, forcing the over jet stream flow to change direction several times and the particles heavier than the air will adhere to the walls while not be taken away with the air. Over-spray materials fill in the bottom of the fold until they completely block off the filter, then you have to replace it. V type-depth bearer, the filter can become more effective accompanying the saturation which is exactly opposite to glass fiber filters (as for glass fiber filters, the filtration efficiency will decrease accompanying the saturation). The most appropriate inertial separation avoids the paint bouncing back. The front and the back hole can self-support and self-offset to ensure smooth airflow and stability. According to the type, features and solid content state of paint, the filtration efficiency can be up to 98%.

Easy to install, It can directly replace the traditional ordinary air bag filter. Paint mist capture capacity up to 27kg/㎡.

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Technical Parameters

Filter Class Width(mm) Length(mm) Thickness(mm) Filter Area(㎡)
10μ@99.8% 592 592 320 1.5
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