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Automotive industry 

In the car spraying process, if 5um of dust is mixed into the paint layer, the human eye can see the defects caused by the dust. In order to ensure the quality of the paint on the surface of the car, the paint shop of the car manufacturer (sometimes called the paint shop) uses a large number of air filters to remove the dust from the paint and the air in the baking line. Moreover, in the paint environment, each person's sensitivity and tolerance are not exactly the same. The longer the time is, the more it will accumulate, the more inevitable the body will not be affected. Therefore, it is very necessary to build a clean and dust-free workshop to improve the environment for painting the car and to take protective measures.

The products from Sun Holy Wind Air Cleaning products Co.Ltd can perform the following operations in your automotive industry facility:

  •  In the main filter of the car coating line, the main filter can be used to meet the flawless finish and protect the flow-reducing material.
  •  In the baking workshop of the paint shop, the air filter to be fed should be preheated to about 200℃. Since the heating device may generate dust, the air filter should be placed in a section of hot air, and the high temperature filter with high temperature is commonly used. The process requires the filter to withstand high temperatures of 200~250℃ for a long time.
  •  High-demand electrostatic spraying production workshop, common filter elements use bag type, no separator filter. It does not contain silicone (because the metal surface is stained with a little silicone, the paint layer will bubble), no lint, and the appearance is flawless.。

Our solutions help you meet the following industry requirements and standards:

  •  Save energy with energy efficient filters
  •  Reduce production line downtime due to cleaning and maintenance work and reduce productivity losses
  •  Extend machine life, improve product and part quality, and increase product yield
  •  Reduce the defect rate of dust and Egyptian products in the spray area.
  •  Compliance with fire classification standards European DIN53438-F1 and US UL900-Class2
Automotive industry

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