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Food & Medical 

Sun Holy Wind Air Cleaning products Co.Ltd can perform the following operations in your food and medical care:

  •  Limit cross-contamination of mold, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, and fine dust in dry ingredients.
  •  Improve the corrosion resistance of the equipment.
  •  Fight against odors.
  •  Reduce production downtime and product loss.
  •  Provides quick and easy filter installation and accessibility for operational efficiency.
  •  Maximize energy efficiency and extend shelf life.

Our filtration products meet the most stringent regulations for food and medical care. In addition, they create energy efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. Use air filtration products to optimize performance and reduce risk to ensure compliance with food and medical regulations.

Our solutions help you meet the following industry requirements and standards:

  •  Provide a hygienic environment for a more productive environment.
  •  Reduce the impact of the environment on people.
  •  Filter labeling, identification and raw material traceability.
  •  EN 779:2012, ensuring filtration efficiency levels.
  •  The series is fully compliant with all relevant industry standards, including ISO 846, CE certification.
Food & Medical

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