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Fan Filter Unit

Product Features

FFU series products are mainly used for purifying air into clean room, in order to achieve clean environmental requirements. It is installed on the ceiling T-Grid or equipment and widely used for high and strict workshop like semiconductor, LED industry, electronic, universities and so on.

●light weight modular design, applicable to all manufactures of T-Grid system installation
●It has double overload protection of motor, the motor with high performance, high pressure and low energy consumption, which can save operation cost
●The motor, with the scientific and excellent structure design, has low noise and is less than the similar products
●Uniform wind, wind pressure spreads uniform and is better than the IES-RP-CC002+/-20%
●Low vibration, total vibration speed is less than 1mm/s, the amplitude is less than 3um
●Flexible control, the motor adjust air flow can be single period of speed, three or five periods of speed. It is also enclosed operation,abnormal indicator and abnormal dry contact for control
●The customized design is available
●Add pre-filter (G3-G4) or molecular filter
●Add abnormal indoor breakdown LED light
●Add pressure differential gauge, wind speed sensor and so on
●Add small or large FFU monitoring system

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