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High Efficiency HEPA Filter

Gel Seal HEPA Filter

Product Features

Common Applications:
Gel Seal HEPA Filter is an ideal end filter for the pharmaceutical industry, industrial clean room and biological clean room, and is also an ideal matching filter for other purification equipment. The sealing effect is better than that of the mechanical compression device commonly used in China. The installation is convenient and the sealing is very reliable. It is a sealing method for high-efficiency filters commonly used in the world. The DOP Gel Seal HEPA Filter produced by our company is strictly scanned by D.O.P before leaving the factory. It features low resistance, high efficiency, light weight and easy installation.

It is mainly used to filter air suspended particles above 0.3um and is used as the end filtration of various filtration systems; The filter is sealed around the filter with a special adhesive to ensure the integrity of the entire filter; The plastic-coated protection net on the inlet and outlet surfaces of the filter is to protect the filter paper from damage; The filter material is made of ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper and separated by hot melt adhesive; Because the air outlet surface of the filter is flanged, the size of the air inlet surface and the air outlet surface are inconsistent. The customer needs to provide the size of the inlet and outlet surfaces when ordering.

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Technical Parameters

Dimensions(mm) Rated Airflow(m³/h) Nominal Velocity(m/s) Initial Resistance(Pa) Recommended Airflow(Pa)
370*370*69 300 0.45 110 400
484*484*69 500 0.45
610*610*69 1000 0.45
915*610*69 1500 0.45
370*370*93 300 0.60
484*484*93 500 0.60
610*610*93 1000 0.60
915*610*93 1500 0.60

Note: Other specifications are available on request

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