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  • Purification Equipment - Clean Workbench

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Clean Workbench

Product Features

Application Area:
This facility is widely used in the area of biology pharmacy,chemistry laboratory,medical and heath work and electron optics.It also can provide part clean and sterile ultra clean workbench.

●Ultra clean workbench uses the vertical one-way flow,which can prevent cross pollution.with the unique recirculation design,it can span filter’s long life
●It adopts the ULPA filter without clapboard.the filtration efficiency to the 0.3um particles can reach to 99.99%.(cleanliness grade is far more than 100)
●It adopts the touch controller,which can adjustable the fan system.the workbench has low noise.low vibration,and an make sure the wind speed of work area is always in an idea state
●High quality centrifugal,ultra low noise fan
●Positive pressure filtration system ensure that the work area to a clean and sterile environment
●The work table chooses the import 304 stainless steel material,beautiful appearance,easy cleaning and can corrosion resistance
●The surface of cabinet adopts electrostatic sprayed technology that makes the appearance beautiful and can acid and alkali resistant
●The bottom of the workbench is equipped with a discharge orifice,it is very easy to distinct the dirt
●The front window uses counter weight balance,which can arbitrarily lifting,and flexible also equipped with multifunctional socket that provides convenience for operators
●In order make sure the operator’s safety,the window is toughened glass

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