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  • Cell Pockets
  • Cell Pockets
  • Paint Mist/Exhaust Fliter - Cell Pockets
  • Paint Mist/Exhaust Fliter - Cell Pockets
  • Paint Mist/Exhaust Fliter - Cell Pockets

Paint Mist/Exhaust Fliter

Cell Pockets

Product Features

●Cell Pockets is widely used in arresting both liquid and powder coating overspray generated in industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications. The three-dimensional "pockets" in the front face allowing the arrestor with perfect wet tensile strength to capture and hold large quantities of overspray. Arrestors loaded with wet overspray do get heavy, but they won't tear or sag.
●Cell Pockets only removes overspray from your booth's exhaust air stream, its pockets assist in retaining overspray with the arrestor. It will bring you less booth floor clean-up and easy filter changes. Its unique pockets enable Cell Pockets to accumulate large amount quantities of overspray before it begins to noticeable restrict booth airflow which will make you operate in the optimum efficiency zone. It holds five times more overspray than other filters which will save you significant cost.
●It can capture the very small 2.5 to 10 micron particles with the efficiency of 99.8% which means only 0.2% can penetrates the arrestor. White, blue, green colors are available.

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Technical Parameters

Fractional Arrestance
Initial Pressure
Maximum Pressure
Dust Holding
Capacity(kg/ sqm)
99.8% 100.0%@ 20μm microns
99.80%@ 10μm microns
85.00% @ 5.0μm microns
4.00 % @ 2.5μm microns
3.5 12 Pa 250 Pa 28

Note: Other specifications are available on request.

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