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Intercity Transportation 

The demand for tourism and transportation is growing. Whether on land or at sea, air filtration can help protect high-value land-based and sea-based engines, cargo and passengers themselves from harmful contaminants, odors and other threats to safe transportation.

Various materials are involved in the manufacturing process: from leather and plastic to wood and steel. This can result in a large accumulation of dust and contaminants, which puts pressure on the general air filtration system.

Risks include:

  •  Air filtration products and dust, smoke and mist collection systems manufactured by Guangzhou SHWFILTER Company for intercity transportation
  •  Protect high-value land-based and sea-based engines, cargo and passengers from harmful pollutants, odors and other threats to safe transportation
  •  Capture dust, fumes, mist or machined oil mist generated during metal processing Minimize worker complaints, protect workers' health and reduce potential risks

Complementing existing ventilation systems, they reduce energy consumption and increase productivity. Eliminate contaminants and harmful dust through an effective dust removal system for a healthier working environment.

Applicable to which places:

  •  Merchant ship
  •  Gas turbine propulsion
  •  Diesel engine propulsion
  •  Air Handling Unit (AHU) (Warehouse and Distribution Center)
  •  Warehouse & Logistics Center, etc.
Intercity Transportation

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