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Electronic technology 

In the electronic production workshop, as people enter and exit, they often bring in a lot of dust particles, while high-precision electronic components have extremely high environmental requirements, and the quality of the produced electronic components often follows the air. The suspended dust particles in the medium have a great relationship, so in the electronic production workshop, it is often necessary to build a dust-free workshop to ensure the quantity of suspended particles in the air to ensure the quality of electronic components, and the negative ion-purifying air system in the clean room equipment. It can reduce the concentration of suspended particulates in the air and make the electronic production environment more clean..

Risks include:

  •  Sulfur-containing gas in dust, causing corrosion of components
  •  Blocking the flow of cooling air, causing surface deformation
  •  Electrical impedance changes, circuit failures and burnouts, and associated fire risks

Guangzhou SHWFILTER co.,ltd has nearly 20 years of experience in micro-pollution control in the electronics manufacturing industry, helping you to protect wafers and semiconductors, process equipment, disk drives, printed circuit boards, LCD panels and solar panels.

Benefits created for customers:

  •  Prevent equipment downtime and failure
  •  Use flame retardant air filter to improve fire performance
  •  Provides protection against electromagnetic interference from data errors and equipment failure
  •  Improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs
  •  Reduce carbon footprint with environmentally friendly, energy efficient grades that meet all international standards
  •  Good air filtration solutions help reduce energy costs
  •  Keep precision equipment and business running smoothly
Electronic technology

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